the way u founder Lillian Garcia dedicates her colorful mochila and clutch brand to the traditional Colombian craft of the Wayuu tribe, where each bag is carefully handmade through more than 10 hours of time-honored work. Lillian works with the women of the Wayuu on a first-name basis, donating a 10 percent of profits back to the Wayuu communities, in addition to the women's pay for their initial work on the bags. Lillian's brand assists the Wayuu's community development and the personal and professional growth of the women, as the women of the Wayuu use the funds for their children's schooling, medical bills, food and basic living expenses.

    Inspired by the talent and artisanship of the Wayuu tribe women, founder Lillian Garcia created the way u to honor her Colombian heritage. While hunting for the perfect hand-woven mochila bag, Garcia was inspired by the resilient Wayuu people, a tribe that lives in the desert region of La Guajira, Colombia, with no water or electricity. Working directly with the Wayuu women, Garcia helps preserve and support the community through the sale of their bold, unique crafts. Perfect for the adventurous world traveler, each hand-woven mochila is truly one-of-a-kind, crafted using age-old techniques over the course of up to three weeks. On a mission to share the beautiful work of the Wayuu women with the rest of the world, the brand is spreading the word one colorful mochila at a time. the way u donates 10% of all proceeds to building and developing water wells in the La Guajira communities that do not have access to clean water.