The La Guajira region of Colombia is home to many women, men and children, but also the home to the indigenous wayuu tribes. In the 1700's the Spanish came to conquer this land in search of gold but soon left because the region has no access to water. These people have stayed in this region, cultivated it, and it is considered home. If a family can afford to purchase a large plastic container then that family has access to filtered water that is kept outside the house and is used for drinking, showering, cooking, etc. However, many people cannot afford this luxury. Most people in the community live with less than a dollar per day and the containers to hold the water start at about $130 and go up to over $500.


Access to clean water shouldn’t have to be a privilege. My hope is that every man, woman and child in the La Guajira region can have access to clean water. Please click the paypal "Donate" link below to donate so that together we can help more families have access to clean water.